I just placed an order. When will I receive it?

Once we receive an order, we enter it into our production process. If you have made one or more customizations, the first step is the approval of the visual mock-up of your garments, in order to confirm your design and customizations, you will receive an email quickly to this effect. Once we receive your final approval, the delay is about 20 business days, then you will receive your order directly to your door (If you have not done any customization, you will not receive a visual mock-up).

** Please note that we will be closed for the summer vacations, from August 1st to 12th inclusively. **

Can I track my order during production and delivery?

Yes, you can see the status of your order by logging in to your account. You will also receive, by email, a tracking number and a link to track your package through the whole delivery process.

I would like to have a unique design. Is that possible?

Yes, absolutely! You can simply email us the information. Please include as much information as possible in your request (products, colours, style, logos, references, etc.). We can then start the process of creating unique products for you or your group. Once you have approved the visual, we will produce it for you!

I have never taken body measurements and I do not know how to proceed. What do I do?

This is not a problem. When you order, we guide you through each step with visual aids and explanations. No experience is required. Just take your time and apply yourself. To make it easier, it is best to have two people to take measurements.

I do not have a flexible measuring tape. Can I use a construction-style measuring tape?

You can use a rope or string to replace the flexible measuring tape. You just have to take the measurements with the rope and flatten out the rope segment that was used against your measuring tape.

What currency are the prices?

In Canada, our prices are in Canadian dollars. For the United States or any other country, the payment is in US dollars. You have nothing to do, your payment system will recognize your location and adjust automatically.

Are shipping costs included in the price? And what about customs fees?

All fees are included in the prices. We take care of everything.

Do you ship only to Canada and the United States?

No, we ship our products all over the planet. However, delivery may take longer for some countries.

Who is your shipping partner?

We ship orders with Canada Post’s expedited parcel service.

Why do you ask me my usual size, when you make custom clothes?

We simply use the usual size information as a reference and validation of your body measurements. We are avoiding mistakes.

Can I use an image, a photo or a logo?

Yes, it is possible to import visuals into our personalization platform. You must have the rights to use the elements used. We do not produce any clothing that uses trademarks illegally. If you have sponsors or use the logos with the permission of the owner, you must simply provide us with proof that they have given permission to use them. We comply without exception with the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the European Directive on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society.

I want to change the colour in the personalization module, but the option is not available for this piece. Is this normal?

There are some products in which certain parts cannot be modified, for example, an image or a gradient that is too complex to modify on the site. You can contact us by email and we can evaluate the feasibility of your request as soon as possible.

Will the colours of my outfits be exactly the same as on my screen?

Due to the very large number of possible screen calibrations, we cannot guarantee that the colors are exactly the same. We are working to make them as close as possible to it. We work with a Pantone color base and have developed a corresponding color chart for it.

I have special requests, for example, a tri-suit with a cycling chamois pad. Is it possible to obtain it?

Yes, no problem. We produce your clothing individually, so almost anything is possible. You just need to put your request in the “Comments” section during the checkout process.

I like shorts shorter or longer. Can I choose?

Yes, you will have an option on the length when creating your product. Just tell us your preference and we will produce it as ordered.

I like the fit tighter or looser. Can I choose?

Yes, you will have an option on the fit when creating your product. Just tell us your preference and we will produce it as ordered.

I received my garment and the fit is not good. What can I do?

As we guarantee your satisfaction, please contact us as soon as possible so that corrections can be made. To find out where the problem is coming from, we ask you to take pictures of yourself wearing the product. You must return the garment. If it is our error, we will cover the shipping costs. We will create a new garment and will resend it – it’s that simple.

I do not like color. What can I do?

It depends. If the garment matches the color you have chosen or ordered, we will not be able to take it back because it is tailor-made. However, if there is a color error, that is, the color does not match what you ordered, we will produce a new one and will return it at no cost.

I have already placed an order in the past. Do I have to retake my measurements?

Your measurements are kept in your personal profile, but it’s up to you to make sure the measurements are still valid. It is always better to redo the process, simply to validate the sizes.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments by credit card, Visa or MasterCard from all major institutions. We do not keep any information about your card; we use the Stripe payment platform and the highest security standards in the industry.

Can I buy Endorphin Cycling & Triathlon products in a shop?

Since our clothes are custom-made, we can not sell them through a network of shops. We produce each garment individually and we sell them specifically to each of our customers.

I own a bike shop and would like to have a range of products in my image. Do you make white label products?

It’s possible. Please contact us using our contact form with the details of your application and we will evaluate the possibility. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions