Trisuits Performance 2.0

Our Trisuit Performance 2.0 is simply the best trisuit you will ever wear. A multitude of details have been taken into account to ensure maximum comfort and performance

Men Trisuits Performance 2.0 Women Trisuits Performance 2.0

Trisuits one piece with sleeves

Whatever the reason why you do triathlon, we want to accompany you in your personal achievement by producing high-quality custom tri-suits for ultimate comfort and performance.

Men Trisuits one piece with sleeves Women Trisuits one piece with sleeves

Trisuit sleeveless one piece

The best sleeveless trisuit you will ever wear! Made to measure according to your body measurements. The back of our sleeveless trisuit is extremely light, for maximum comfort and optimal heat evacuation.

Men Trisuit sleeveless one piece Women Trisuit sleeveless one piece