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Our Trisuit Performance 2.0 is simply the best trisuit you will ever wear.

A multitude of details have been taken into account to ensure maximum comfort and performance. You know how important your trisuit is. A lower quality trisuit can quickly become an irritant. We know because we are triathletes too!

The upper part opens completely, it is so light and flexible that you'll think you have nothing on! The sleeves are slightly longer for aero comfort.

There are no seams on the inside of the thighs and we have included a protection for your genitals, all in order to eliminate any possible friction. At each of the extremities, arms and thighs, you will find laser-cut support bands with silicone dots to limit as much as possible their movement and the compression effect. In addition, for your comfort, all seams are flat and there are none under the arms.

We use a mix of high-end technical fabrics and 100% made in Italy (Oeko-Tex 100 certified). Your trisuit will be of outstanding service to you, race after race.

We use 100% Italian chamois specifically designed for triathlons by our partner, Dr. Pad. Thanks to the patented cutting technology, our chamois pads are ultra-lightweight and designed to prevent the creation of hard bumps when in contact with perspiration or moisture. Support forms are specially designed for triathletes. The most-used area, the perineal support, is padded with a denser foam. We use high-quality thermoformed foams that last and do not flatten over time.

A carbon fiber is added to the chamois pad, which absorbs and disperses the electrostatic charges created by the friction. Carbon becomes a sort of shield for your body, protecting it from these harmful loads. The advantages of using such a fiber are numerous. The skin remains particularly dry and cool, because carbon fibers increase the rate of evaporation of moisture. The chamois pad thus contributes to maintaining a constant body temperature during your triathlons.

These are chamois pads that will give you incomparable comfort during the cycling portion and that you will not even feel during the race portion. Ideal for living your triathlete experiences to the fullest!

Everything is designed so that you can surpass yourself and achieve your goals!

* Shipping is always free and we bear customs duties. We will donate $5 for each item of clothing sold to a charity fund that aims to get kids active. We accept payments by credit card, Visa or MasterCard from all major institutions and ApplePay.*

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